Pocket Network is the team behind Pocket, a global decentralized network allowing any app to connect with any blockchain, on any device. Pocket’s ecosystem enables DApps to interface with any blockchain via a universal decentralized API, enabling blockchain node owners generate new streams of revenue.

Figment Networks provides trusted token delegation, secure staking infrastructure & compliance tools for long-term token holders and Proof of Stake blockchains. Beyond providing validation infrastructure, Figment is dedicated to growing PoS blockchains via open source software tools and active governance.

Combined, we bring extensive experience in blockchain ecosystems, global node infrastructures, DApp development, and business acumen with operations located in Toronto, Dominican Republic, New York, Chicago, and Tampa Bay.



1 – Pocket to build a decentralized node infrastructure for the ICON DApp ecosystem that utilizes and rewards ICON node owners.

Infura is a centralized infrastructure for DApps which interface with Ethereum and now accounts for over 60% of Ethereum’s traffic. Pocket’s goal is to give ICON DApps a decentralized infrastructure to streamline development and ensure ICON has a truly trustless and resilient ecosystem. This is possible with Pocket’s decentralized node infrastructure ecosystem that rewards every ICON node owners who participate in serving ICON DApps.

This significantly simplifies DApp development by freeing devs from needing run their own ICON node or pay a 3rd party hosting service. With the flip of switch, any ICON DApp could talk with the ICON platform on a decentralized infrastructure. ICON would have an infrastructure for DApps as simple as Ethereum’s Infura, but entirely decentralized.

Pocket Network, Inc. will take on actively contributing code to ICON’s well developed SDKs to link DApps with ICON nodes in a decentralized manner via Pocket. As a P-Rep, Pocket Network, Inc. will provide ICON DApp developers and ICON node owners with support and always up-to-date resources to take an active role in the expansion of ICON’s ecosystem.

2 – Figment to provide top tier P-Rep node that scales to accommodate ICON’s network expansion.

Figment Networks, a leader in the staking space, will provide P-Rep node scaled secure and  resilient infrastructure on the ICON network. Figment will be the managing force behind the P-Rep node itself, ensuring uptime  and reliability with a mixed hardware and multi-cloud environment.

With experience in actively serving customers in DPoS and POS blockchains, Figment has much to offer the larger ICON ecosystem. Figment’s involvement in the P-Rep community brings a deep knowledge base in a variety of areas ranging from technology to decentralized governance.


Pocket and Figment are actively building solutions in the blockchain space, and ICON is being positioned as a future-focused platform.  Most team members have industry experience in delegated proof of stake systems or blockchain interoperability, and have been following ICON closely as a competent technological leader.  With this we are motivated to join ICON in the next major step, support the ecosystem, and contribute to its future.


This is how a Pocket/Figment P-Rep can help support ICON’s mission to hyperconnect the world:

  1. Contribute to ICON SDK and streamlining ICON DApp development | September-November 2019
  2. Provide video tutorials, documentation, and developer support to DApps and ICON nodes | December 2019
  3. Partner with ICON P-Reps and nodes to enable a new source of revenue | Q1 2020
  4. Employ a top tier P-Rep node in Montréal, Canada | 
  5. Contribute to governance with notable experience in decentralized ecosystem | 


We have identified an alignment with our missions for growing decentralized ecosystems and believe that by supporting ICON as a P-Rep, Pocket Network, Inc. and Figment Networks can provide strategic advantages that incentive ICON growth.

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